Medium size solar system


A medium size solar power plant is usually a system with a capacity of a few hundred kilo-watts to a few mega-watts. Such power plants required a roof-top or a free-field of few a hectares.

It is common that the produced energy is either used locally at the site, or sold to the utility company (or to a third party) with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

In Israel, the Public Utility Authority has issue in 2010 a specific regulation that provides a feed-in-tariff and quota of 300MWp.


Advantages of the mid-size solar plant


- The solar PV is a clean, non-polluting source of energy 
- High return and IRR
- Integration into the "green building" concept. 


Who is our typical customer?

Any commercial body, institute or a farm that has a large roof or free field and wishes to join the green energy revolution.


The project includes:


- Full engineering design 
- Calculations of projected production 
- Assistance with permits (obtainable from the electricity company) 
- Supply of all required components 
- A monitoring system 
- Turn-key installation 
- Support and maintenance 


How to proceed?

You are welcome to order a site survey from us, which includes: 
- Site inspection of the roof or any available area – electrical and mechanical aspects. 
- Identification of best locations for installation. 
- Checking electricity bills and adjusting the solar system that suits your needs best 
- Suggestions about how to integrate the system into the company’s environmental policy 
- Budget and costs 

You are welcome to contact us! 


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