Stand-alone solar systems

System’s Overview

SolarPower’s systems produce an output voltage of DC or AC that can run all types of applications.
The systems will operate independently - without sun or wind - up to 7 days, due to the included battery bank.

Typical applications

- Telecommunications
- Homeland security
- Solar lighting
- Rural electrification

System components

- Solar Panels (Photovoltaic)
- DC-AC inverter
- Charge controller
- Battery bank
- Mounting structure

Please provide us the following information:

- Power consumption of your application
- System voltage
- Other available power sources (diesel generator, wind turbine)
- Installation type (roof/ground/pole mounted)
- Required autonomy (back-up days)


The systems are designed to provide either DC or AC voltages (DC systems will be normally 12/24/48VDC). ...

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