SolarPower - Company Profile

SolarPower was established in 2003 in order to supply alternative energy solutions for its customers both in Israel and abroad.
SolarPower is an EPC company that is active in the promotion, planning and implementation of alternative energy systems.


Our offices:

Headquarters - Pardesiya, Israel

Europe - Dorset, UK  (managed by Mr. Yaron Reuveni)

Africa - Johannesburg, South-Africa (managed by Mr. Darren Hollander)


Since its inception, the company has made its goal to be the standard setter for the alternative energy industry and to bring clean, green electricity both to the urban environment and the periphery. We operate across Israel and around the globe.
SolarPower is the leading company in the Middle East for the implementation of alternative energy systems. We accomplish this by virtue of our team of the most experienced and highly skilled employees in Israel. Our professional workforce focuses on the design and construction of each individual project - right down to the smallest of details.

DESIGN – With SolarPower , there is no room for error. Each system is meticulously designed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who have designed more solar systems in Israel than any others.
SUPPLY – At SolarPower , we use only the leading materials available in the world. All materials used are checked and evaluated to the highest possible standards and over extended periods of time.
EXECUTION - the process of installing and integrating solar systems demands experience, skill and professionalism. Our work force deals, on a daily basis, with the construction and implementation of solar system in Israel and abroad and are the most experienced available.
SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE – SolarPower works closely with each client to ensure that the system operates consistently and reliably. We realize that a system that is expected to operate for many years needs fast and professional support.


SolarPower products and services

Grid connected PV systems – commercial and large scale
Solar power for telecommunication systems
Solar stand-alone systems for rural electrification

SolarPower represents leading international vendors such as:

Suntech Power - the world largest solar panels suppliers (China)
Kyocera Solar - one of the world’s largest solar panels suppliers (Japan)
SMA - grid-connected inverters (Germany)
PowerOne- grid-connected inverters (USA)
Fronius - grid-connected inverters (Austria)
Victron Energy - Off-grid sine-wave DC/AC inverters (The Netherlands)
MorningStar - charge controllers (USA)

The company’s clients include:

Tnuva, Israel Electric Company, Rafael, communications companies, infrastructure companies, the Shikmim Ranch, Aspen Real Estate and HP Indigo.
SolarPower provides its clients with complete and comprehensive support including consultation regarding the most suitable solutions, training and professional service. SolarPower ’s systems use only the finest components that are manufacture to the highest of standards and strict quality assurance procedures.

SolarPower provides its customers with a close support service, a choice of solutions, as well as consultancy and training services.
SolarPower systems are individually designed to be cost-effective and reliable and are manufactured with the finest components under high quality standards.

The company’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2008certified.


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