Solar Energy activity profile

ORAD provides photovoltaic solar energy solutions through its
subsidiary, the Solarpower company. Solarpower is the most senior and
leading EPC company in Israel in its field and has extensive experience
in installation of grid-connected and off-grid solar systems, tailored to
every building, with maximum attention given to carrying out installations
on sensitive roofs. In parallel, the company carries out accompanying
infrastructure works, such as high-voltage works, reinforcement and
replacement of roofs, and other services. Until now, the company has
installed 20% of the systems in Israel by net metering agreement and
specializes in many sectors, with emphasis on the industrial and the rural

In this field, ORAD has leading customers from the industrial sector and
the municipal sector, such as HP, Ormat, Intel, Galil Wineries, Mekorot,
BIG centers, etc., in the industrial sector. In the rural sector, the
kibbutzim Zikim, Nachshonim, Gadot, Tze’elim, Rosh Hanikra, etc. In the
municipal sector – the municipalities of Jerusalem, Rishon Lezion,
Yavne, Kiryat Motzkin, Holon, Hadera, etc.
The company builds turnkey projects, including licensing, planning,
supply of equipment, installation and connection to the grid with in-house
planning and engineering capabilities. It has years long experience in
maintenance of hundreds of systems on roof tops and on the ground,
totaling over 200 MW PV projects under an O&M agreement service. The company is registered as a 160A Class electricity contractor and has ISO 9001 certification.

Rooftop Solar Systems in Net Metering Arrangement

Grid-connected solar systems with net metering arrangements are
installed on all types of roofs, according to the building – industrial,
commercial, office or agricultural. Among these, Solarpower specializes
in carrying out installations on particularly sensitive roofs (for example, in
companies such as Intel, HP, Bet Shemesh Engines, and others). These
systems produce clean electricity for the property owner and according to
the system output and the building consumption can, reset the electricity

Bet Shemehs Engine Factory


Mekorot Sabha

Off-Grid/Hybrid Solar System
ORAD's subsidiary, Solarpower,
markets an innovative solution:
Hybrid Microgrid Systems. The
systems are based on a combination
of solar systems, batteries and
generators, which together, can
provide an optimal electricity supply
to places not connected to the
national electricity infrastructure.

Maximum Stable Energy with Minimum Costs
and Pollution

Microgrid systems (or minigrid, depending on their size) are off-grid
electricity production and distribution systems. Many remote places in the
developing countries have to rely on independent production of electricity
and the inherent challenge is to produce maximum stable energy with
minimum costs and pollution. The hybrid systems combine inexpensive
and clean electricity production through solar panels with generators that
start operating when the battery is empty after a long period without

Advantages of the system

The hybrid combination reduces the initial investment costs because the
system does not rely on solar output only and therefore its size is
planned so that it will provide only 90-95% of the energy. This type of
structure reduces the system size by 10%-20%. The generator works a
very short part of the time, approx. 1%-3% only on the exceptional days
when there is a considerable decrease in the solar output because of
cloud cover.
Because the generator is little used, there is cost-saving derived from the
reduction of the frequent transport of the fuels and also of maintenance,
which is considerably reduced, since it depends on the amount of use,
in turn ,because of maximum production of the energy from the sun, is

What is a hybrid installation?

A hybrid installation/solar power station is a facility for production,
storage and supply of electricity in various power outputs, made up of a
solar panel system, batteries, converters, chargers, and an energy
management system. The facility includes other energy sources also,
such as generator/s, electricity grid, wind turbines, etc.


The microgrid infrastructures serve in the Western world mainly during
emergencies. In California there are such systems built on trucks
designed for operation in crises when there is complete breakdown of the
national electricity grid. In Israel, minigrid systems are expected to be
constructed in some IDF bases in the next few years .
see product brochure

Ground Solar Systems (Utility)

Ground solar systems in tariff rate-tender arrangements. These
megawatt power output systems are designed and installed with use of
cutting-edge technology, with tracking devices for improved output, high-
efficiency panels to reduce the facility area, and advanced control and
monitoring systems. During 2018 the company installed 4 photo voltaic
power stations with total capacity of 38MWp and about to install few